Sergio Ramos: “The template is what it is and we are the ones we are”

Sergio Ramos analyzed the defeat of Real Madrid in Eibar and made self-criticism.

Defeat hard: “We have not been at the level, there are no excuses, the football is equal, whatever the team is called, when you do not equal the rival in desire, attitude and rhythm, what happens”.

Bad result: “When the result is negative you enter in a bad dynamic, the team did not raise its head nor had the peace of mind that was needed, everything went wrong and the rival everything was fine, and it was time to congratulate Eibar”.

Lack of attitude: “You have to analyze the game, when you do not have an attitude, everything is more difficult, we are not making evaluations at the physical level, physically we are not doing badly. “

Template: “The template is what it is since the beginning of the season and we are the ones we are in. I do not have to do that analysis”.

The attention of Ramos’ insistence on the lack of attitude compared to the words of his coach a few minutes before is striking. Solari said about the attitude of his team: “There has been no lack of attitude, the players all worked, I do not think any player would let their arms down, it’s true that we’ve lost battles at the beginning of the game, but it’s not lack of attitude.”