Pablo Blanco: “I never thought that he would get the Dorsal de Leyenda del Sevilla”

Related imageThe Director of the lower echelons ye historic former player of Sevilla, Pablo Blanco, has passed Tuesday by microphones Radio Marca Sevilla occasion of the XI Dorsal Legend Club Nervin that will receive this Thursday .

Dorsal de Leyenda: “For such an important award any time is good, all the above are the pure essence of sevillismo, and on Thursday it will be in my hands.” Nor dreaming about those Salesians of the Trinity when I started thinking that could have such an important award from a club like Sevilla. “

Special moment and the worst: “Always the most beautiful is the arrival, the first signing and the debut with the first team, then came the Ciudad de Sevilla Trophy that marked a lot, the descent of 72 was terribly bitter. In the most administrative part, many ups and downs and disappointments, and in the last decade everything is glory. “

Many presidents: “I joined the club with López Sanchez and I had 11 presidents until Don Pepe Castro, and I also had a few coaches.”

His relationship with Betis: “The truth is that with Betis, with all the part of the field, I get along extraordinarily well.” On the playgrounds, we used to play as we did, but once you leave the field of game is over everything. “

The Sevilla of so many titles: “It seemed that that moment was not going to come in. We had very good squads and very good players, but that ambition that the club now has, that settlement, that guarantee, was lacking. to know that if you do it right you will have a reward.The thing about these 12 seasons that can be a sports miracle, can be, and that things have been done well, too “.

Player or leader? “Being a football player, everything that surrounds football, is the most beautiful thing, it depends on yourself, what you are capable of doing, being a soccer player is wonderful and in those days it was not As wonderful as it is now, we had that status, I have always been recognized by the street, but it cost more, today the transit is faster, they arrive and leave, they do not hold up. “

His connection with Caparras: “With Joaquin I have a very good relationship for a long time and I am very happy that he arrived because, in addition to being very sevillista, he is very enthusiastic, he is very excited With the quarry, with doing things well, Gallardo and Marchena have a lot of illusions too “.

The quarry in the first team: “That’s club policy.” One thing is that those three or four are part of the squad and after they are able to take the place away from the starters. Andez and Pozo, it’s good that they go out, for example, Fabian (Betis) becomes a footballer and gains a lot of maturity in Elche “.

Fight for LaLiga: “We have a series of days that are being quite irregular teams that should command the table, so far there is a Alaves there put, a Espanyol, who have very good teams, very well worked There’s a lot of the bench, which is plugged in. You have to have resources behind the coach that can make a change and the team does not suffer. “

Injuries and winter market: “We have had too many injuries and bad luck with cases like Gonalons, Machin has had to make many changes and put men who can perform better in other positions. luck of not more injuries and to be able to count on all the group, it is posed to solve the deficiencies that it has in the next market “.

Luis Alberto: “He has recently signed up to 2022, he has pubalgia problems and he does not know if it has to be operated, and I have recommended that if it is to be operated soon.” Last year was sensational for him, it was a I show the matches I saw him, he seems cold but technically he’s very good and has adapted well to Italy. “

The renovation of Pablo Sarabia: “It is important that the player is at ease and feels valued, and that the club is able to value it. He is very comfortable here, it is a season in which he is doing many goals, I know that they are attending it and everything goes according to the fact that the soccer player tells his representative that he is very comfortable here”.