Mina bags gifts!

Santi Mina started the season of the front quarter. The new cards predicted a dark future . Two months later all the balls, the clean ones and the dirty ones of rebound, arrive where Santi Mina wants. The Lightning, tender and tender, was broken before the smell of the bloodhound of Valencia. The rest, they were encores in the happy afternoon that Mestalla needed.

When a team returns to LaLiga after a couple of selections it does not know very well how the room will be found. Valencia found a painkiller in the Rayo, helpless, with a way of getting confused. The Vallecano box rehabilitated several Valencia players. Rodrigo was the perfect partner and Gameiro saw the door. Mestalla finally saw a victory for his team.

The picture of Michel plays with the Christmas lights on . It does not seem to be a team in the relegation zone. He likes the rondo even in the small area, a kamikaze querencia when in this category there are lions in any home. Michel’s team can not be reproached for bad taste with the ball. Another question is the way to defend. The coach knows the street of Vallecas by heart, but the points do not arrive.

The partner Rodrigo

With the match in the hammock both teams could illuminate the record. The Valencia tried in the first ambushes the agility of Dimitrievski . Rayo hypnotized the match and was able to break the seal in a shot to the Advincula suit.

The first goal came after a gap in the center. It was a game older than the broom defense and the soccer without cards. An aerial ball, Rodrigo combs towards Mina and he gets into Rayo’s kitchen to solve as a specialist. The meeting entered the credit titles. He did not know more about the Lightning.

Another of the good news of the game for Marcelino’s group was the recovery of the flash version of Guedes. The Portuguese, again wearing the jersey of Jamaica, pressed the button of acceleration in his duel with the Peruvian Advincula, another footballer-sprinter. When the game was played with a quilt and cushion, the best thing was to send a ball Guedes to awaken the atmosphere.

Each goal of Valencia came under a swirl of youthful air for the ease that was in the rival defense. When the clock stretched the Ray increased his innocence in both areas. The changes did not fix anything. In the middle of the game Gameiro culminates a counter by Rodrigo, who replaces his fight with the net with generosity towards his neighbor.

In full environmental merriment the referee expelled Advincula after fixing the VAR a confusion of identity. The Lightning also suffers a physiognomy problem. He does not know very well where he is. The gifts were packed in Valencia.