Michel: “My position is zero, I do not care”

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El Rayo coach, Michel, has indicated that he is worried about the situation of his team because the results do not arrive. And regarding its future it has been clear. When questioned in case he sees his position in danger, he has been firm. “Zero, I do not care. “We must all be united to get the team down there, the three points of Eibar have a final.”

The rayist coach has explained what worries him. ” It is the most complicated thing, what we have now in front, the ability to convince players to be competitive and win games, the day has to take us, we have a negative results dynamics. I could maintain a more positive feeling because we generate situations of danger and damage to the opponent but we must be stronger defensively, we generate situations but they have generated it and the accounts do not come out right now . improve defensively to be more effective. “

Michel has pointed out that Valencia “is a very difficult team to beat and we have not generated much danger”.