Bertin Osborne reveals the saddest moments of his life

They have exchanged papers in the last chapter of ‘My house is yours’. The guest, Maria Teresa Campos, has taken the reins of the interview and Bertin Osborne has become the interviewee, revealing some of the saddest moments he has ever lived .

The presenter has spoken of the death of his mother and his first child , who died nothing else to be born. “That a mother dies is something horrible, for which you are never prepared, I think about her constantly,” Madrileño has confessed. Shortly after, he also recalled the death of his son: “He died in my arms and it is something that stops me”.

On the other hand, Osborne has spoken of his son Quique, who suffers a brain injury , assuring that it is “a gift of life”. The presenter has stated that it is “a moral obligation” to help all children with this disease improve , which is why they created the Foundation.

Footballer Joaquin Sanchez, the other guest

Joaquín has also gone through the program and has told different anecdotes. Among them, a joke that made him Luis Aragones in a concentration of the selection : “He said the master who all home and I, who was always joking, I said ‘from here I do not no one moves. “Then, he grabbed me by the front and said ‘you and me to the room now, to see who comes out alive from there.’ I was not serious, but I was white.”